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Eco-friendly uses for Castile Soap

Castile Soap was named after its birthplace, a region in Spain called “Castile”, where it was first made from olive oil.  While it can be made from different plant oils, ours is made from Canadian Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil.  This versatile and 100% natural soap can be used as a body wash on all skin types and for so many other hidden uses we couldn’t help but share!

We love the fact that just one bottle of Castile Soap can replace so many bottles of cleaning and personal care products found in most households.  Making the switch to a natural and safe cleaning solution is a great decision for yourself and for your family’s health, but it’s also a simple step towards a healthier planet.

Castile Soap is concentrated, so just a little bit goes a very long way.  You’ll only need a small amount to tackle grease and dirt throughout your home.  It’s also septic-safe and biodegradable and will not promote the growth of toxic blue-green algae in our lakes and rivers like synthetic detergents do.

Unlike most cleaning products, Castile Soap is very gentle and non-abrasive, which means it can safely be used on furniture, on anyone’s skin, and even on your pets!


We’re so happy to offer three different natural scents and a fragrance-free version of this product and recommend keeping bottles in the laundry room, under the kitchen sink and in your washroom to get the most out of each bottle.


Try the frosted mint scent for cleaning your toilet bowls and bathroom sinks!

The #WellnessIntelligence Collective Member Highlight of the Week – Alain Menard

Here’s an article recently featured on, highlighting Green Beaver’s Founder,
Alain Ménard

This week’s member highlight is Alain Menard … he is the founder of Green Beaver, where he doesn’t just make healthier personal care products, he claims to “take care of people” … how refreshing and wonderful is that? We need more human in our consumer goods and grateful for Alain’s leadership and heart. In 2002, Alain and his wife, Karen Clark combined their years of experience and knowledge as biochemists and microbiologists to offer an alternative to the many dangerous chemicals on the market. They are based in Hawkesbury, Ontario, and are now proudly a multi- national brand.

We hope you enjoy our dialogue with Alain, and we encourage you to visit the Favourite Things Studio in The Wellness Intelligence Collective to read about the Green Beaver products we rely on (and get a special member discount code).
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Most conventional skincare brands have lines specially made for men and for women. Why doesn’t Green Beaver?

Yes, men and women are different but for certain things we are actually prey similar and do not always need different products. A lot of it is marketing. For example, deodorant for men and women contain the exact same ingredients except for the scent. The only other difference between the two is the size. Women’s deodorants tend to be smaller but sell for the same price as the larger men’s version!

What is the coolest thing to see in your factory?

The tube filling machine is really cool. It makes me think of the “How it’s made” show every time I watch it work. As one tube is being aligned, another is being filled while another tube is being crimped while another is being lot coded. All at the same time!

Can organic sunscreens protect us from UV rays?

Very much. All sunscreens, natural or chemical, have to be tested the same way according to a protocol set by Health Canada. Only pre- approved specialized laboratories can do the testing. They apply sunscreens to people of different skin tones and UV zap them. They measure the amount of time it takes for their skin to get a lile reddish. That is how they determine the SPF number.

How do you make your products smell so good?

The majority of our products are scented using organic essential oils. Some, like lavender, are very floral while others like vetiver are very woodsy. Sometimes we make our own blends. For certain products such as our Green Beaver Junior line for babies and kids, we use a certified organic food flavouring (the same kind you would find in organic breakfast cereals, for example). Although they are meant to be eaten, organic food flavouring also smells great. On extra sensitive skin, it’s very gentle. We are proud to buy our organic food flavouring from a Canadian flavour house called Bonnie and Don Flavours in Mississauga.

Why should someone switch to a natural toothpaste?

Over consumption of Fluoride is toxic. That is why conventional toothpastes with fluoride contain a warning on their packaging stating to contact a poison control center should a child younger than six swallow their toothpaste. Furthermore, many toothpastes also contain a synthetic soap called sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, dyes, colours, etc. Yuck! I have met many people in the last 15 years that use natural toothpastes. They all have one thing in common. They could never go back to conventional toothpaste.

Is there a Green Beaver product you use everyday without fail?

My daily regime includes our frosty-mint Castile liquid soap as a head-to-toe wash, ultra-whitening toothpaste, freedom aluminum free antiperspirant, green tea with aloe face cream and a lip balm. I do not use our shampoos or conditioners because I have no hair left!

Do babies and kids need different skincare products than us?

For the most part, no. A wholesome natural product should be safe enough for the whole family.

A lot of it has to do with marketing. Sunscreen is a classic example. We have been brainwashed to think that we need a sunscreen for babies, kids and one for adults. They are all the same. Actually, Health Canada or the FDA do not distinguish or approve baby, kids or adult sunscreens. They approve sunscreens – period!

The only difference between our kids and adult sunscreens is the packaging. The sunscreen lotion inside both products is exactly the same. Most parents want to buy a sunscreen for their child that says “KIDS” on the packaging, so we have a kids’ line. Of course, our sunscreens are safe for everyone.

What is the best way for a consumer to know if something is truly clean and green?(We don’t stand for greenwashing!)

The only true way is if the product is certified by a recognized certifier with good standards. Examples would be Ecocert, BDIH, and NSF.

Has running your skin care company changed how you eat?

We changed our whole lifestyle when we started working on developing our natural products. Not only did we stop using conventional personal care products and household cleaners, we started eating organic foods whenever available.

How did you choose “Green Beaver” as a company name and “mascot”?

My wife and co-founder, Karen, and I both wanted a name that would convey “natural” and “Canadian” thus “green” and the “beaver”. I really wanted to call the company Green Moose however Karen though that a beaver was cuter than a moose.

Why do you think we should shop from local companies?

It’s more than just about job creation. By using our products, you are also helping to reduce the amount of pesticides being spread across our land. I would love to see more Canadian companies come out with eco-certified products using Canadian-grown organic ingredients. In addition to offering healthier products, they would also be converting conventional Canadian farm land that is currently being sprayed by pesticides to wholesome organic farm land. We, our bees and the rest of our environment would all benefit from more Canadian organic land.

What’s the most hippie thing about you personally?

I try to live off the land as much as I can. We have 6 acres where we have major big league gardens, a greenhouse, a tractor and 3 laying hens. I planted 100 tomato plants this year. This will make a lot of tomato sauce to share!

What is your favorite morning ritual?

I like to start my day slowly. Very slowly. I start with a glass of water. This is important as we lose

moisture during sleep. I like to walk around the house doing minor stretches. Nothing strenuous. Your mind and body were shut off for many hours, don’t just jump start them. That’s harsh. Well, for me anyway. I try not to let my mind start thinking about issues or challenges that I know I may need to deal with that day. I try focusing on the positive stuff that I have going in my life. After an hour or so, my hunger wakes up. I love a good healthy breakfast !

Traveller or homebody?

I do like to travel however I prefer to be a homebody. I like to spend time with my family but I also need a healthy dose by myself. I do this when working alone in the gardens, wood carving, etc…

Any parenting advice to other entrepreneurs?

Your family has to take priority over your company. At times, this will be very challenging. Make sure that the time you spend with your family is quality time. Don’t be thinking about your company while spending time with them. This can be very hard. Sometimes, I would talk to them about what I was living at work with them in order to get off my mind. Only after I did this could I shut off work in my mind and spend quality time with them.

What does Wellness Intelligence mean to you?

To me, it means to live a ‘well balanced’ life. This means having a healthy equilibrium between our family, friends and our occupation as well as between what we consume and our environment. If it is not sustainable, it can’t be right. By living a well balanced life, one can reach a mindfulness state easier.

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Xylitol technology and clinical tests

An increasingly popular sweetener, xylitol is a safe ingredient that has many facets. This substance is appreciated in the industry and favourable to oral health. 

What is Xylitol used for? 

You’ll be surprised by its many uses in everyday life. Xylitol is a sweetener of natural origin. It turns out that we consume it without knowing it as it’s present in many various products. Humans can even produce it daily. 

It is an excellent substitute for regular sugar as it contains 40% fewer calories and has a low impact on blood sugar levels. It is recommended for people with diabetes who must limit their intake of white sugar. 

Why do we use this ingredient in our products? 

According to several studies, this ingredient is useful for dental health. It helps in the absorption of calcium and the strengthening of teeth. Unlike sugar, xylitol prevents the production of acid, a bacteria that weakens tooth enamel. It contributes to reducing bacteria to counter the appearance of cavities and prevent their formation. Finally, it is even able to act on inflammatory diseases.  Thanks to its many benefits, it is the go-to as an ingredient in our products. Therefore, we decided to include it in the composition of our naturapeutic toothpaste. 

Clinical tests have also proven its essential role in the prevention of dental cavities for younger children. As a company that listens to consumers’ needs, we are proud to offer naturapeutic children’s toothpaste. Reliable and non-hazardous in case of indigestion, you won’t have to worry about your child swallowing toothpaste.

Despite the name, you won’t be disappointed with this ingredient. We invite you to discover its benefits by using our effective and 100% natural naturapeutic toothpaste. They will undoubtedly become a mainstay in your bathroom.

Everything you need to know about our NaturaDri technology.

Green Beaver is proud to offer THE FIRST and only aluminum-free antiperspirants available on the market- a natural alternative created from our own technology called NaturaDri. You might have some questions regarding this topic and that’s why we’re here to give you some information in this article. We’ll explain everything you need to know!

In the cosmetics industry, it’s not surprising to find numerous deodorants and antiperspirants on the market that contain aluminum salts. Their role is to reduce the production of sweat and to act effectively against humidity by blocking the pores of the skin. However, aluminum salts, for many years now, have been the subject of extensive criticism and seem to represent a real danger to  consumers’ health. According to various studies conducted on the subject, it is strongly recommended to not use products containing aluminum and even less on damaged skin. 

It was therefore essential for us to offer a natural antiperspirant alternative, free of potentially harmful ingredients, and thus meet the demands of our community. After several years of research and development, Green Beaver developed a brand-new technology: NaturaDri. 

A unique formulation of jojoba flower wax esters, mimosa wax esters and other plant extracts, NaturaDri aims to form a natural protective barrier to keep your underarms dry. And instead of using aluminum that penetrates the sweat pores, we have created a compound that deposits a film on the surface of the skin that will prevent excessive sweating, all naturally.  


“Natura = Natural, Dri = Dry. NaturaDri = Stay dry, naturally.”


Thanks to this technology, the next generation of antiperspirants were also born. Now you can keep a fresh feeling all day long without a trace of aluminum in its composition. It combines natural organic ingredients that help soothe the skin, even after you shave. Dermatologist tested, our antiperspirant has been shown to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic. In addition, they are clinically proven to provide 24-hour protection while fighting moisture. It ensures that your underarms are not left irritated! If you are curious about the effectiveness of our antiperspirants, take a look at our reviews on our Green Beaver website

Now you know everything there is to know about our NaturaDri technology, an effective solution to prevent perspiration naturally. For fresh underarms, choose from our wide range of 100% natural aluminum-free antiperspirants. 

Our Story

Founded in 2002, Green Beaver was born from a desire to offer natural and safe products accessible to consumers. Karen Clark and Alain Ménard combined their years of experience and knowledge as biochemists and microbiologists to offer an alternative to the many dangerous chemicals on the market. Discover the steps Green Beaver has taken and what we have accomplished over the years! 

Green Beaver, a human company.

Karen and Alain, alarmed by the number of harmful ingredients used to create cosmetic products, are convinced that a natural approach is possible. Faced with Alain’s sister’s breast cancer diagnosis and the birth of their son, the couple decided to put their expertise to good use and formulate an all-natural product line. This is how the Green Beaver brand that we all love, was born. A company that takes care of your skin while considering the environment. Loyalty, rigour, and reliability are among the key values and are present in the daily life of the company.

The pivotal years: The evolution of Green Beaver 

During the 2000s, Green Beaver took off, broadening its horizons, and formulating new products. The year of 2009 is marked by the achievement of important milestones for the company. It built its own construction site in Hawkesbury and officially received its Ecocert certification. In 2011, Green Beaver achieves a real breakthrough by developing the first Canadian organic mineral sunscreen with the support of the National Research Council. And over the following years, it diversifies its line to the delight of its community. Soaps, deodorants, toothpaste, you name it. 

A company that cares about its community. 

Green Beaver products are exclusively designed, developed, and tested in Canada. We carefully select the ingredients that make up our products and give priority to locally grown organic ingredients. We strive to use safe ingredients, relying on our expertise and research to create sustainable and reliable products. Our ingredients list is available on our website, if you want to know more, just click here

We do not compromise on the quality and safety of our products. Gluten-free, vegan (except for our lip balms made from organic beeswax) and no animal testing are practiced on our range.

At the same time, Green Beaver is involved in educating and raising awareness among its consumers about the potential dangers of chemicals. Committed to making a positive impact in the world, Green Beaver is determined to emphasize the importance of reducing energy consumption and using healthy production methods whenever possible. 

Karen and Alain have been busy developing Green Beaver for 19 years now. Since its launch, the company has continued to innovate by creating effective products adapted to the needs of consumers. You can count on a great team at the service of your skin that selects the best for you and works to create a line that does not harm humans, animals, or the environment. 

Buy with a clear conscience with Green Beaver for you and your family! 

Deodorant or Antiperspirant: Which one to choose?

Smelling fresh all day long? Yes, it is possible! Green Beaver is proud to offer you a complete range of natural deodorants and antiperspirants. Healthy and safe, they are the solution to any odor problems. Both sharing many similarities, it can be difficult to choose between one or the other. Green Beaver is here to answer all your questions. Find out more to ensure you make the right decision and find the right product for your needs. 

The difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant? 

Made with natural ingredients, our antiperspirants do not contain aluminum or potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens and artificial fragrances commonly found in conventional antiperspirants. It’s formulated to provide long-lasting protection by creating a natural barrier over the pores for soft, healthy underarms. 

Natural deodorants, on the other hand, do not fight against sweat. They fight against the bacteria who is responsible for unpleasant odours. Thus, thanks to their formulation, they glide gently over your skin to mask all traces of unwanted odours and eliminate bacteria. Your underarms will be kept clean and fresh without any harmful ingredients that will strip your skin. 

So, which one should you choose…a deodorant or an antiperspirant?

As you can see, both accompany the natural process of perspiration by limiting odours. On the other hand,  deodorant only neutralizes the development of the bad smell while the antiperspirant prevents it. For those who wish to avoid excessive sweating, our antiperspirants are the right products for you. They are for people who want a healthy solution to stay dry all day long. If you are comfortable with a little feeling of wetness, our natural deodorants are formulated to meet the needs of people who prefer an instant freshness effect. 

In summary, there are many factors that come into play when making your final decision. Whatever your choice, Green Beaver guarantees natural products that you can use safely while respecting your body and the environment!