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Xylitol technology and clinical tests

An increasingly popular sweetener, xylitol is a safe ingredient that has many facets. This substance is appreciated in the industry and favourable to oral health. 

What is Xylitol used for? 

You’ll be surprised by its many uses in everyday life. Xylitol is a sweetener of natural origin. It turns out that we consume it without knowing it as it’s present in many various products. Humans can even produce it daily. 

It is an excellent substitute for regular sugar as it contains 40% fewer calories and has a low impact on blood sugar levels. It is recommended for people with diabetes who must limit their intake of white sugar. 

Why do we use this ingredient in our products? 

According to several studies, this ingredient is useful for dental health. It helps in the absorption of calcium and the strengthening of teeth. Unlike sugar, xylitol prevents the production of acid, a bacteria that weakens tooth enamel. It contributes to reducing bacteria to counter the appearance of cavities and prevent their formation. Finally, it is even able to act on inflammatory diseases.  Thanks to its many benefits, it is the go-to as an ingredient in our products. Therefore, we decided to include it in the composition of our naturapeutic toothpaste. 

Clinical tests have also proven its essential role in the prevention of dental cavities for younger children. As a company that listens to consumers’ needs, we are proud to offer naturapeutic children’s toothpaste. Reliable and non-hazardous in case of indigestion, you won’t have to worry about your child swallowing toothpaste.

Despite the name, you won’t be disappointed with this ingredient. We invite you to discover its benefits by using our effective and 100% natural naturapeutic toothpaste. They will undoubtedly become a mainstay in your bathroom.